Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tea? Really?

Yeah, I drink tea sometimes. I go through phases drinking it at home and it's my drink of choice at Asian restaurants. Every once in a while I come across something impressive, but not too often. I like the tea with toasted rice they serve at Green Elephant, for example.

At Pinot Paradise after the technical sessions, Richard and I went for a walk through the Campbell Farmer's Market to find some lunch, as it was just outside the event. We saw an intriguing looking tea stand, which we returned to after some excellent Mexican food. They had an impressive array of blends, they many to taste. Very friendly and enthusiastic, the lady commented that we looked like wine tasters. Well, actually...

We were very impressed. Just outstanding blends. Just so complex, balanced, nuanced, pleasurable. Simply put, everything I tried was as good or better than any tea I've had. If the best tea you can find at Safeway is a 3, some of these were 10s. THAT much better!

Check 'em out:

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