Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lack of followthrough

Recently there's been some discussion again on on of the wineboards about restaurants' online winelists being woefully out of date. It seems to me if you're going to commit to putting up a list, you are obligating yourself to keep it reasonably current. A lot of restaurants show lists that are many months out of date, entirely different than what they have. That reflects very poorly on the business. It should be easy, just a couple extra clicks as part of the process updating the inhouse printed list.

June of last year, during the Vintners' Festival, I made a point of swinging by VinoCruz in Santa Cruz to pick up some wines they listed. They still had some '02 and '03 McHenry Pinots (among other interesting stuff), long sold out elsewhere. Long sold out there too, as it turned out. As was everything else on my list. Ended up not buying anything, when I was prepared to buy a case.

I sent an email and got no response.

I'd checked their site a few times since - no change. Inspired by the thread, I checked again. Knowing some of the release dates, the list now appears to be just shy of 3 years out of date! I sent another email a week ago, with some suggestions, and once again got no response. Pathetic! I guess no one is in charge.

Oh well. I like that they carry local wines, but I don't like that they don't seem to want my business.

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