Thursday, December 31, 2009

Loose SCM Themed Dinner 12/12/09

A wine discussion board member recently moved to town, and he and his wife hosted a dinner to meet some of us locals. They served an excellent multi-course Italian dinner. The original wine theme was Chards and Pinots from Burgundy and California. We decided to put an emphasis on our local wines, to give our hosts a taste of what's produced nearby.

The first three wines were served with appetizers. I opted against note taking, as we were up mingling, but all were excellent.

· NV Prosecco di Conegliano, Valdobbiadene, Il Sogno di Annibole

· 1990 Mount Eden Vineyards Chardonnay, “Estate”, Santa Cruz Mountains

· 2002 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru, “Les Perrières”, Louis Carillon

Our organizer kept secret who was bringing what wines. I knew what I brought, and had some ideas what else might be there, but didn't know how many of what type of wine would be opened.

White blind flight

A) Nose - smooth, white flower, sandalwood spice
Smooth, sweet oak, vanilla/lemon creme. Ridge?

Ridge '05 Chardonnay SCM

B) Nose - sulfury, tighter, cool mint
Wood spice, lemon, mint, exotic.

Rhys '04 Chardonnay SCM

C) Nose - resiny, lemon, exotic spice
Varnishy, oxidized.

Rochioli '01 Chardonnay "South River Vyd." (Russian River Valley)

D) Nose - savory spice.
Smooth, lovely, mellow, well integrated, lemon curd. This is the '96.

Ridge '96 Chardonnay SCM
Hands down favorite. (I brought.)

Red Blind Flight 1

A) Nose - very mature, darker Mount Eden-like fruit, dusty pruney note.
Dark, dusty tannin, smooth, plum, golden raisin.
Thinking '70s or weaker '80s Mount Eden.

Chalone '79 Pinot Noir (Chalone)

B) Nose - very mature, sandalwood, lighter expression.
Dark, intense, firm, zesty, dusty, tea, mineral, touch of bitterness.

Arthur Barolet et Fils '79 Clos de la Roche

Red Blind Flight 2

A) Vine Hill minerality, cherry, kirsh liqueur.
Dried herbs, cherry, with dark, dusty tannins. '91 pts

Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyards '88 Pinot Noir Jarvis Vyd. (SCM)
Yes, that's Vine Hill. (I brought.)

B) Nose - heavy, dried herbs, sage, basil.
Dark, tart, zesty, smoky, dried sage, iodine. 90 pts

Mount Eden '90 Pinot Noir Estate (SCM)

C) Nose - dark, earthy, hint of lemon.
Dark with a bit of barnyard, black plum/black cherry, a bit drying, iodine. Better with food. 88 pts

Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyards '91 Pinot Noir Jarvis Vyd. (SCM)

D) Nose - rich fudge, marachino.
Hot pruny marachino, chocolate. 82 pts

Mount Eden '94 Pinot Noir Estate (SCM)

Red Blind Flight 3

A) Nose - young, intense, savory, touch of resin.
Intense, voluptuous, whole cluster resin stemminess, sweet rhubarb and strawberry. 89 pts

Marcassin '03 Pinot Noir "Bondi Home Ranch (Sonoma Coast)

B) Nose - shy, smooth, spicy, needs to open up.
With time: Younger, very ripe, rich, hot-ish.
Very young, sweetish, char, hint of jujube, primary. 88 pts

Radio-Coteau '04 “Alberigi” (Russian River Valley)

C) Nose - a bit of soy/molasses, heavy.
Savory, sickly, soy/molasses, sweet. 78 pts

Martinelli '02 Pinot Noir "Bondi Home Ranch - Water Trough Vineyard" (Green Valley)

D) Corked

Radio-Coteau "Savoy" (Anderson Valley)

The rest were served blind, but in a less structured manner:

Mount Eden '06 Chardonnay Estate (SCM)
Nose - Intense, lemon, spicy, tropical, well structured.
Fresh herbs, lemon verbena, nutmeg, cardamon, lovely creamy spicy lemon curd, touch of purple basil. 94 pts

Windy Oaks '06 Pinot Noir "Proprietor's Reserve" (SCM)
Nose - smooth, lovely, rich rhubarb, dark mineral, cherry, forest floor, sage.
Bay, sage, rustic roasted fruit, lots of rhubarb, peppery feel, intense, structured to age. 94 pts

Château Loupiac-Gaudiet '83 Loupiac
Nose - balsa, sherried.
Orange/lemon marmalade, sandalwood, sherry note. 86 pts
Some people really loved this.

Kosta Brown '04 Syrah "Amber Ridge" (Russian River Valley)
Nose - smooth, woody, pruney.
Burning hot, peppery, bitter, hint of black fruit, gritty bitter tannin. 65 pts
Another example of age taking away the facade from over-ripe crap.

Salamandre Wine Cellars '03 Primitivo Late Harvest (Monterey County)
Nose - pruney, raisin, red fruit, kirsh.
Raisins, spicy, a bit hot, white pepper, nutmeg. 88 pts

Lillian '06 Syrah "White Hawk Vineyard" (Santa Barbara County)
Nose - warm, spicy, stemmy, dried herb, full fruit.
Intense, woody, stemmy, dense fruit, tight, tannic. Nice. 92 pts

Woodside Vineyards '04 Woodside Port (SCM)
Nose - intense, spicy, vanillin, clove, nutmeg, blueberry jam. So complex and lovely.
Thick, spicy marachino, fudge, complex spiciness. 93 pts
(I brought.)


Tim Corliss said...

Fantastic evening. Need to drink more Ridge Chardonnay, they sound lovely with a little age. Like the sound of the woodside port, love a good port and cigar.

Wes Barton said...

Ridge Chards tend to be oaky young, similar to Windy Oaks wines. I see a lot of negative notes. I was impressed by a bottle of the '96 a friend brought to a dinner last December and was happy to score a pair off winebid for $15 ea.

I should note the '06 and '07 Rhys Chards completely outclass the '04. They've learned a lot.

The one time I had an '04 Woodside Port with a cigar, it showed even better. Really nice pairing.

Wes Barton said...

Oops! Edited to correct that the first white was an '05, not '96.