Thursday, September 30, 2010

'10 Plum Crush 8/24/10

Production was down a bit this year due to hominid consumption, as well as the usual squirrel raids. Harvesting is daily over several weeks, to maximize ripeness. There's still enough red-ripe fruit in the mix, as well as some fully black-ripe, to add to the complexity. In addition to my estate black plums, I also include a small amount of estate cherry plums. They usually make up 3-4% of the volume, with their tart and rustic qualities adding favorably to the wine. This year, at a record 5 lbs. 9 oz. they make up a record 6%. I also included 1.5 lbs of mariposa plus from my friend Jean.

Total weight of processed fruit was about 92 lbs, which was about 11 gallons. After adding water and sugar it came to 18 gallons, measuring 27.5 brix. (Burt likes to go a little high, so he can top with water.)

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