Monday, December 15, 2008

Black Ridge Vineyard 12/12/08

Ashley came and poured at Vino Locale. I didn't take notes. The new ('07) Viognier is clean, floral with a nice grapefruit rind structure. Maybe slightly better than the '06, but very similar. (91 pts)
The '06 Pinot has smoothed out and now into it's drinking window. Very nice. (91+ pts)
I'm not so much a fan of the Cab-based wines ('05 Cab & '06 San Andreas Red). Kinda the same way I feel about most Saratoga Cabs - they just seem a little indistinct to me. I feel the same about Mount Eden, even, so your mileage may vary. Along those lines, it was wise of Mountain Winery to not bother planting Cab.

She did talk about there being quite a variation in climate and elevation over the 22 acres they have planted. The cab and Syrah are in the lower warmer sections.

She also mentioned Testarosa bought both Syrah and Pinot from them this year. I look forward to trying these. Also looking forward to trying Big Basin BRV Syrah. Fun to compare what different people do with the same fruit. It'll also be interesting to see how it compares to Bradley's other Syrahs.


Tim Corliss said...

Wes - These guys were one of my finds at the last SCM tasting in Campbell. I only wish they came out of the gate lower than $48 for the Pinot.

Interesting thoughts on the Cabernet. The price point on that has also kept me from buying and trying it. I do like some vintages of the Mt Eden Cab though.

Wes Barton said...

The prices at Pinot Paradise were marked up at bit. I got this at the winery for $39.

I like Mount Eden Cab, and its certainly well made. It just usually lacks a certain flair I have a fetish for that I get from other SCM Cabs. At the same time, I think that area (including PMR and Mountain Winery) is the best site for Pinot and Chard outside of Burgundy.

Dave said...

I tasted the Viognier yesterday at a trade event, and I loved it. It's so very fruity that I find it hard to believe that it's bone dry.

I enjoyed the Cabernet much more than the San Andreas Red, which seemed a bit overripe and muddled.

Fleming Jenkins were pouring their Black Ridge Syrah; it's good stuff, well balanced.