Thursday, February 12, 2009

'09 Tomatoes

Started my tomatoes today. I use a mini-greenhouse with a heater that keeps it about 75 degrees. Had a couple extra cells, so I started some Aji Dulce and Tequila Sunrise peppers. I'll start more peppers later. Here's the list:

Aunt Gertie's Gold
Berkeley Tie Dye
Black Cherry
Black Krim
Black Prince
Black Sea Man
Brad's Black Heart
Brown Cherry (cross)
Calabacito Rojo
Camino Real
Cherokee Purple
Chocolate Cherry
Earl of Edgecombe
Golden Dwarf Champion
Golden Queen
Green Grape
Green Sausage
Green Zebra
Japanese Oxheart
Jaune Flamme
Lemon Boy
Lemon Drop
New Big Dwarf
Oaxacan Jewel
Oregon Cherry
Pruden's Purple
Purple Russian
Rose Quartz Multiflora
Sarnowski Polish Plum
Texas Star
Yellow Zebra

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